The Bryan/College Station Christmas Parade


Do we have to build a float to enter?

Not really.  There are marching units, bands and motorized units.  To make the Parade as attractive as possible, marching units have to be dressed in a common uniform and motorized units have to be well decorated.  If you just put your delivery van in the line-up, there’s a “commercial entry” fee that is much higher.  We would like you to make your entry more than a rolling commercial.

What about passing out candy to the kids along the route?

That’s fine.  Most kids get more candy at the Parade than during Halloween.  But, you can’t throw anything into the crowd.  That’s one of the big rules (your Mom always said that it’s fun till somebody loses an eye).  And you have to work really hard to keep sugar seeking children from running into the street.  Often they’ll follow you back to your float when you need to restock your candy supply.

How is the Parade line-up determined?

The Aggie Band the the Ross Volunteers are always first.  Then the Parade committee shuffles color-coded cards with each entry written on it.  The floats are evenly spaced out, as are the marching units.  Entries with young children are put early in the parade, though there are usually so many somebody is always at the back.  The Bryan and College Station city and schools are alternated each year as to who goes first.  Things that poop on the street toward the back.    Santa always brings up the rear!

What If It Rains?

Perish the thought!  In all 88 years the Parade has been cancelled only once.  We roll down Texas Avenue in heat, mist, light winds, light rain, and clouds.  We let each entry determine if the weather is appropriate for their float and their participants.  Obviously the weather requirements aren’t the same for a float with children compared to an antique auto entry. “Go” or “No Go” is determined right at 2:00PM.  Any announcement about the schedule can be heard on KNDE-FM 95.1.  No announcement means no change. If the Parade is cancelled, it is not rescheduled.

Why is the Mandatory Line-up meeting such a big deal?

It’s the only way the Parade committee can make sure that everyone knows what’s going on.  And it’s where you bring your forgotten entry fees, insurance cards, and get your line-up information.  We also give a safety talk and answer a zillion “what-if” questions.

Who Runs the Parade?

A volunteer committee of about 8 people get together to budget and schedule the Parade.  The Parade is a not-for-profit event.  The police and city governments all support the idea of the Christmas Parade and provide help and assistance when called upon.  Mainly… it’s run by all the entrants who think Christmas is more than just a holiday… it’s a season!